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Praise is to Allah سبحانه و تعالى for his apparent and concealed bounties at all times, and peace and blessings be upon His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, his family and companions who strove steadfastly in the path of serving Allah’s سبحانه و تعالىreligion, and their followers who inherited the knowledge — for the ‘Ulama are the heirs of the Prophets — and may they be honored, whether they be Waarith (those who inherit) or Mawrooth (those who are inherited from).

At we strive to bring to you the knowledge of the Quran and  the Sunnah the way it was understood by the Salaf- the pious predecessors .All islamic lectures are in audio, video and ebooks format, both in english and urdu languages. Following the Manhaj of Salaf as Salih in their beliefs and practice and in the matters of the deen  is the only road which will help  us to the reach our final destination i.e Jannah.


As Allah says in the Quran:

 ﴿وَالسَّـبِقُونَ الاٌّوَّلُونَ مِنَ الْمُهَـجِرِينَ وَالأَنْصَـرِ وَالَّذِينَ اتَّبَعُوهُم بِإِحْسَانٍ رَّضِىَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُمْ وَرَضُواْ عَنْهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُمْ جَنَّـتٍ تَجْرِي تَحْتَهَا الأَنْهَـرُ خَـلِدِينَ فِيهَآ أَبَداً ذَلِكَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ 

"And the foremost to embrace Islam of the Muhajireen and the Ansaar and also those who followed them exactly [in Faith] Allah is well-pleased with them as they are well-pleased with Him. He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow Paradise], to dwell therein forever."
(Surah Taubah:100)


Here Allah has praised the Muhajireen and the Ansaars and then He has praised those people who follow them on their path. those people who learned from them(Sahaba) the understanding of Quran and Sunnah, followed their Manhaj (methodology) in issues of Aqeedah(Belief)  and Aamal (Practice); did not deviate from it, held strongly to this rope which connected the Prophet and them. These people belong to the same Jama’ah about whom the prophet mentioned will go to Jannah and will abide therein forever.

Numan ibn Basheer narrated that Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said,


خَيْرُ هَذِهِ الْأُمَّةِ الْقَرْنُ الَّذِينَ بُعِثْتُ فِيهِمْ ثُمَّ الَّذِينَ يَلُونَهُمْ ثُمَّ الَّذِينَ يَلُونَهُمْ ثُمَّ الَّذِينَ يَلُونَ الَّذِينَ يَلُونَهُمْ 

The best people are those living in my generation, and then those who will follow them, and then those who will follow the latter, and then those who will follow them.”


Hence Abdulla ibn Masud said:

مَنْ كَانَ مِنْكُم مُسْتَنَّا فَلْيَسْتَنَّ بِمَنْ قَدْ مَات أولئكَ أصْحَابُ مُحَمَّدٍ ـ صلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ ـ كَانُوا خَيْرَ هَذِهِ الأمَّةِ أبَرَّهَا قُلُوباً وَأعْمَقِهَا عِلْماً وَأقَلِّهِا تَكَلُّفَاً قَومٌ اخْتَارَهُمُ لِصُحْبَةِ نَبِيِّهِ ـ صلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ ـ وَنَقْلِ دِيْنِهِ فَتَشَبَّهُوا بِأخْلاقِهِمْ وَطَرَائِقِهِمْ فَهُمْ كَانُوا عَلَى الْهَدْيِ الْمُسْتَقِيم. 

"O people whoever wants to follow a way of someone let him follow the way of people who have died and they are the companions of prophet and were best of the people in this Ummah. They were the people with best heart, with highest amount of knowledge and were least in their striving and were the best of the people whom Allah had chosen for Muhammad. Allah had chosen them exclusively for his beloved and true religion to be learned from Prophet and teach to the coming generations. O people imitate them in their manners and character and follow their ways; they were on rightly guided and on the path of Sirate-Mustakim"

Our Mission is to provide easy access of knowledge to everyone who is looking to learn and spread the true deen of Allah. Whoever intends to be from the Ummah which is highly praised and referred by Allah  in the glorious Quran

﴿كُنتُمْ خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ وَتُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّه﴾ِ 

“You (true believers in Islamic Monotheism and real followers of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم and his Sunnah) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma’ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al- Munkar( polytheism disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah.”

(Surah Imran: 110)

Today the Muslim Ummah is in chaos around the world, absolutely directionless, drifting far away from their religion, far away from the path of success in this world and hereafter. Knowledge is the only boat which can help us through the storm of this world. Seeking knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah is first and foremost priority on every Muslim as knowledge is the first step towards action and hence, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم has said in a hadith,

طَلَبُ العِلْمِ فَرِيضَةٌ عَلى كُلِّ مُسلِم

Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim (male and female)"

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